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​Kit has traveled the world, and moved to Pensacola, from Las Vegas in 2015. He has a passion for Vaping that is plain to see when you meet him. Come say Hi to Kit today!

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The Vape Shop is always getting in new lines and flavors to tantalize your taste buds. Come try them today!

We source from the finest manufacturers, assuring you of the best possible product and flavor on the market today.

Keep On, Vapin' On!

Meet Frank,  has been Vaping since 2013 and is an enthusiastic member of the Vape Shop team. From North Carolina, Frank has made Pensacola his home and is waiting to help you with all your Vaping needs.

Chris and Parker - Pace

Brandon - Gulf Breeze

​Todd and Alisha- Pensacola

The Vape Shop of Pensacola Eliquid

About the Team

Committed to bringing you the best Vaping experience, Trish, the owner of the The Vape Shop of Pensacola, The Vape Shop of Nine Mile, The Vape Shop of Pace and The Vape Shop of Gulf Breeze; opened her flagship store in 2013. Trish was on duty as a Registered Nurse, when one of her patients introduced Vaping to Trish in 2009. Her love of Vaping turned to passion and the rest is history.  

VSOP Managers

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